Sparreholms Slott Sparreholms Slott

Welcome to Sparreholm castle!

Come here to explore, experience and enjoy in a beautiful and cultural environment. We offer our three unique museums, culinary pleasures and our horse center where we revive and spread knowledge about the classical dressage.

Sparreholm castle, museums and horse center is the ideal place for the spontaneous summer day trip, luxurious castle accomodation and riding and museal weekends, as well as highly qualitative learning experiences.

Please contact us with your wishes. We will do our very best to fulfill and hopefully exceed them. Welcome!

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Our Horse Center

We revive and spread knowledge about the classical riding. Come with your own horse or rent a well educated lusitano. Train for our own experienced instructors and for internationally know trainers such as Manuel de Oliveira, Pedro Torres, Anja Beran and Andrew McLean.

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Our Museums

Sparreholms Castle offer a unique and uniquely ample museal experience, based on the fine collections founded by Helge Karinen. We welcome you to five remarkable museums with cars, bicycles, jukeboxes, horse carriages, telephones and much more.

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Our Events

We arrange bigger and smaller events based on what is unique for us and what we are uniquely good at: The museums, the Horse Center and the Castle that can welcome around 70 dinner guests, 50 residents and numerous conferens guests both at the castle and horsse center.

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